Thursday, March 31, 2011

The simple lack of wisdom

there are as many definitions of wisdom as there are people on this earth. each one has a grain of truth but only when you bring all of them together and try them by fire do you realize what true wisdom is, its in its basic form the fear of a higher judge, the feeling that you will someday have to answer for everything you do in this life, and if you were to live your life using that as the basis for your decisions then you too would be wise.


Lately, being a senior in High school and all i have realized that my friends are so busy rushing to their future that they don't appreciate what it is they have now. they don't realize that at that one instant there life is so easy, they have no worries no troubles or bills to pay, they have everything they need right then and there, and although planing for the future is necessary they miss the most important part of life, the happiness